Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Pee While Driving

So say you are driving down the road on I-90 or what ever highway it may be, and suddenly have to take a piss. You really want to get home and don't want to pull over at a rest stop, you don't need any gas nor are you hungry. So you decide to pee in a cup! LOL. But trying to pee in a cup while driving on the road not off is very difficult. For you shy men who likes his privacy you are always hiding it from the truckers next to you. Then you have to worry about spills and splashes so you cant just thrust it out you have to control it and keep it steady all while still driving.
So I came up with a way to make it a lot easier to do so as well as safe. You take a cup such as a McDonald's large ice tea cup. At or near the top of the cup cut a hole in the side big enough for your king so slide right into with a mildly tight fit. Making it mildly tight will form a better seal against leakage. You then put the lid back on and let'r rip. Just watch the amount you got cause you don't want an over flow. Then you just throw it away at the next stop which hopefully would be home.

Ian Iam

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